About Us
In our country, the grant and incentive system is growing in scope and budget every day, and the private sector, public and non-governmental organizations want to realize their planned projects with the most appropriate support mechanism for them. Based on this need, wi-mera, which has undertaken the mission of bringing together the grants and other support mechanisms offered by national and international institutions with the relevant applicants, has been carrying out all the processes of realizing project-based applications, preparing business plans and executing projects that received grants since 2009. As a result of the effective and coordinated work of its expert staff and regional solution partners, Wi-mera has ensured the success of more than 1,000 projects and played a leading role in the successful management of investments that will increase the competitiveness of our country. With the mentioned projects; The most important motivation of wi-mera is to develop cooperation between the public sector, private sector and non-governmental organizations, to ensure efficient and effective use of resources, to accelerate regional development by activating local potential, and to contribute to the policies and objectives of reducing inter-regional and intra-regional development disparities. forms.
Why Wi-mera ?

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